5 Things That Ensure You Get The Compensation You Deserve From Your Motorcycle Accident

If you’ve been the unfortunate victim of a motorcycle accident through no fault of your won, California state laws entitle you to seek damages from the responsible party. Those damage awards can include personal and emotional injuries as well as payments for damages to your property.

Defining fault in a motorcycle accident isn’t easy, but it is possible and necessary.  Fault helps establish your case and has a bearing on the amount of compensation you can receive. We’ll define some fault guidelines that may help bolster your case.

  1. Comparative Negligence
    Comparative negligence proportionately assigns fault to the parties involved and helps determine award amounts. It is crucial to have an experienced motorcycle attorney on your side to make sure the fault assessment is fair and unbiased.
  1. Evidence Gathering
    Physical and forensic evidence make up the crux of your case. It is therefore vital to your case that evidence be gathered, tracked, assessed, interpreted, and presented in court by experienced experts who know what they’re doing.
  1. Accident Scene RecreationInjuries and emotional trauma may make it difficult, if not impossible, for accident victims to accurately recall important details. Professional recreation of the accident scene can bolster your case and give judges and juries a clear picture of what actually took place.
  1. Accident Investigation
    Trained investigators can analyze tire track skids and angles, glass shatter patterns and other forensic clues that point to fault in a motorcycle accident.
  2. Expert Legal Representation
    The key to the compensation you need and deserve is an expert legal team handling your case. We are practiced in these cases and can ensure you receive everything that’s owed to you from the negligent party.

You need an attorney who can help protect your rights and make sure you receive the maximum compensation possible so you can concentrate on recovery.Call us at (323) 999-3500 today.

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