Common Child Injury Locations

Every building be it residential or commercial place must be safe. If a building is unsafe or at a risk for anyone who steps on it, then it is legally acceptable that the occupant of the building be culpable for any accidents that would be suffered therein. Although, adults mostly recognizes danger when they see it and would try to make it safe out of tricky places such cannot be said of children as they are highly susceptible to dangers, they would not be able to manipulate themselves out of risky situation.

Several laws regulate safety in residential and commercial places however; the major law or act that is of great concern is the Occupiers Liability Act of 1957 amended in 1984. The Act requires the occupant of a building to be responsible for its safety.


Accidents or injuries could occur in shop when the shop is disorganized- improper arrangement of stuffs in the premises. As noted above, adults have no problem navigating these unfriendly terrains, but for children, it is a great difficulty as they might not be able to find their way around these obstacles.

When an injury or accidents occur in a shop, it is usually considered whether the shop has adequate provision in forms of systems that would ensure that the barriers are dislodged or a cleaning system to clear any mess for example someone cleaning spillage or removing fruit peels from the ground. If not the shop would be penalized and the child compensated.


Several examples abound, some are captured here:

Chemistry Mishap – In a chemistry class, the teacher was illustrating how to use a fire extinguisher when the fire extinguisher released and hit a student on the eye. The injury was not a serious one. A successful claim was made and compensation was given which covered expenses.

Football Jump – a child who was playing football with mates was injured while trying to collect the ball from the rooftop but fell and sustained multiple injuries. The accident caused the child’s parents to demand for a compensation, which was granted.

Arranging Chairs – A child was injured asked by a teacher to arrange chairs. The case against the city council was that the child was not told the hazards of stacking chairs. The claim was successful as the child’s parents were compensated.

Protruding Objects – a child face was injured by a sticking point in a school fence. It was said that the child was playing around the school playground and was running about a board when the objected pointed into the child’s face. The child was compensated for the injury and all expenses were covered.

The Bike Shed Accident – A child on climbing a container left in the school premises and jumping unto a bike shed was injured. The bike shed could not contained the child’s weight and have to give way causing the child to fall to its injury.

Gravel Path Accident – A gravel path caused a child to fall thereby sustaining injuries. The path was deemed unsafe and was suggested that it be dropped down. The claim by the child’s lawyer was successful.

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