Tips On Preventing Boat Accidents

Boat accident safety

Not as often as car accidents but boat accidents do happen. Just like Californians, the hot weather will definitely push you towards the sea especially in the summer. Getting on the boat for some boating fun, Jet Ski and other water sports are really interesting. Boat accidents occur mostly due to lack of caution by the driver. Aside carelessness, alcohol has been identified as the leading cause of boat accidents in the United States, more than 4000 boat accidents were reported to have been caused due to alcohol by the U.S Coast Guard.

In abiding by these safety principles recommended by the law offices of Oscar H, Guiterrez in preventing a catastrophic boat related accidents;

  1. Your boat and every serviceable part are well maintained and serviced regularly. Your failure in carrying out mechanical checks will make you susceptible and liable to negligence injury suit in the occurrence of any accident.
  2. Every boat has it weight capacity which must be checked before going onshore. In any case, the weight of the boat or vessel does not have the capacity of accommodating those onboard, the risk of capsizing is very high. Know the weight restrictions of your boats, the manufacturer must have labeled the weight capacity.
  3. Any and every passenger without knowledge of swimming should not be allowed on board. So also, the use of water safety equipment have to be encouraged and mandated.
  4. Being on water does not mean the violation of speed limits. Do not over speed as it can lead to vision impairment and incurring of citations.
  5. Just like driving an automobile, you must have the necessary permit and licensed to drive a boat. You must also retain insurance to reduce liability in any event of an accident and the passenger suffers injury.
  6. You must be aware and conversant with the laws governing water transportation in your state. You are solely responsible for the handling of boating equipment as a boat operator.
  7. Boating should be done when there is a low population of other boaters on the water. There is a likelihood of accidents when the water is over populated with others boats.
  8. Always ensure that all of your passengers comply with water safety rules. Whenever you have active skiers in the air, display a red or orange flag. An observer is expected to keep a keen eye on skiers and alert them of every potential danger. In case any of your passengers obstruct your view or incapacitate you from carrying out the operation of the vessel, you can get a citation for passenger negligence.

Water injury can be very disastrous and traumatic especially if the fault emanates from the boat operator. In order to avoid being slammed with a negligence suit, be guided by the above safety tips. In any event, you or your loved ones suffer boat accidents, quickly contact the Law Offices of Oscar H. Guiterrez to commence injury claim procedure.

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